Butter Up.. The Toast is Back (no really i am this time)

keep calm and butter up

keep calm and butter up

Howdy Toasters!

It’s been a while since i turned the dial to summer sunset, pumped up the heat and buttered some toasty goodness… After a few attempts ( and yes empty promises of a return) it’s finally time to get going again.

Re- Inspired by a bunch of study, and by seeing a few friends kick off their online adventures again, i knew it was time to get out the Nutlex and Peanut Butter and get going.

With a new site I may pump out some of my oldies in the beginning, mixed up with some new posts of course, so as they say in the classics….. (this is where you read the overexposed Keep Calm picture… the one over there >>>)

The toasted goodness of witticisms on wholegrain and the has been missed, now let’s Warm this Toaster up cause , i’ll be back real soon

(todays post is bought to you over a splash of ginger marmalade and good memories )